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Not Currently Licensed?

Referral Alliance offers a great opportunity for additional income even if you have never sold real estate. By obtaining your real estate license, you will be able to receive commission income from your family and friends that you refer to Referral Alliance. YOU receive the REFERRAL INCOME while our professional group of agents DO THE WORK in providing the highest level of service to your family and friends.

You probably know someone who's considering making a move today, what are you waiting for?   INQUIRE TODAY

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What is Referral Alliance?

Referral Alliance is a referral program for individuals holding a salesperson or associate broker’s license who, because of other commitments or interests, choose not to be active in the business.  Referral Alliance can hold your real estate license while you are “inactive” in the business.  Referrals of prospective buyers and sellers of real estate are placed through the Referral Alliance Broker. The Coordinator will assign the local referrals to an network agent of Referral Alliance.  If the person you are referring should need to relocate outside of the area, Referral Alliance has the access and the capability to assign referrals to one of our Network agencies throughout the country.

You Receive 100% of Your Referral Fee!!!

You are paid only on the side of the transaction which you referred, i.e.; only the listing side or only the buying side, NOT both sides, unless you have referred both seller and buyer on that transaction.

We are not the only license holding company, but we are the ONLY one that we know of the Nashville Area that gives you 100% of your referral fee. When you refer a prospect for a listing or a sale, a 25% referral fee will be charged to the receiving Referral Alliance network broker. When we receive the referral fee, you will receive your full 25% referral fee....Un-cut, Un-Split, Unusual, huh!

We're Here To Help!

Once you sign on with Referral Alliance, we are available to continue helping you every step of the way to reach your referral and income goals. 

Before placing a referral with the Referral Alliance Broker, you will want to make sure that the party being referred understands that they will be contacted by a real estate salesperson to assist them with their needs. All referrals will be placed directly through the Referral Alliance network.